Subsentio CALEA Risk Assessment

Recognize your CALEA Compliance Liability Exposure in a Minute

The warning from federal law enforcement hit the CEO like a thunderbolt: Mandatory court appearance, potential court fines and possible jail time. The offense:  The Company’s inability to implement a court ordered lawful intercept. The unmistakable message: “Don’t ever let this happen again.”

If you’re at risk of non-compliance with CALEA, wouldn’t you rather know -- and do something about it -- before the FBI knocks on your door? Subsentio’s CALEA Risk Assessment highlights your potential CALEA liability before there is a non-compliance issue.

Take our free Risk Assessment Test now to find out where you stand.

Understand your CALEA risk in three critical areas:

  1. Is my company covered by CALEA?
  2. Does my lawful intercept solution comply with CALEA?
  3. Do my corporate policies comply with the FCC’s CALEA rules?

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it is very important.

  • Help you understand the complexities of CALEA;
  • Reveal whether your organization has a CALEA compliance issue;
  • Identify areas of major risk; and
  • Recommend specific actions to minimize your risk.

The CALEA Risk Assessment represents ten years of Subsentio’s experience helping small and medium-sized customers become CALEA compliant. Understanding your CALEA compliance status has become more important than ever, considering the growing number of lawful intercept court orders, the advent of new wireless networks, and the rise of privacy demands.

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Assess your CALEA risk
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